How to turn your Mortgage Coach TCAs into a lead-generating presentation library

Let’s enhance your Total Cost Analysis’, extend its shelf-life, and make it discoverable.


What is a Total Cost Analysis?

A Total Cost Analysis (TCA) is a multi-platform solution from Mortgage Coach that allows loan officers to share and compare purchase and refinance loan options with potential borrowers. A Total Cost Analysis enables loan officers to better educate prospects by providing them with different rates, fees, and scenarios for every type of loan option — and ultimately help convert those prospects into customers.

Why should you turn your TCAs into presentations?

Your average loan officer sends their TCAs as-is to the intended recipient, and that’s it. In our opinion, there are ways you can add value to your TCAs and ways to share your TCAs that maximize your return on investment. 

For example, by turning a TCA into a presentation, you’re able to enable additional integrations and add social media preview thumbnails that you cannot do otherwise. 

Also, as you add presentations to your Lender Launchpad account, a presentation library is automatically created that allows potential borrowers to browse, filter, and find additional educational content that they might find helpful and informative. 

By taking each of your TCAs and turning them into presentations, with additional content to browse, potential borrowers may spend extra time looking at your content and, ultimately, looking to you for more advice or input on their next move.

How do you create a presentation using a TCA?


How do you get the most out of your presentations?

Add value to your existing TCAs with built-in features and integrations

  1. Built-in integrations (rates widget, youtube video) and contact forms.
  2. Additional contact options (SMS texting, schedule a call, etc.)
  3. Consumer-facing rates widget.

Social media previews improve sharing on social media 

  1. Social media preview image makes TCAs more attractive and identifiable in your Facebook feed.
  2. Add a description to help tell a story that makes complex financial data more digestible and relatable.
  3. Generate new business by attracting people who are in the same situation that you just solved.

Automated workflows via Zapier

  1. Automatically share a presentation to Facebook.
  1. Automatically share a presentation to LinkedIn.
  2. Automatically share a presentation to Twitter.

How do you use your Presentation library?

When you add a public presentation, it is automatically added to your presentation library, allowing potential borrowers on your website to browse, filter, and find additional presentations. Your presentation library makes your TCAs discoverable and extends their shelf-life indefinitely.


Improve discoverability by tagging your presentation with the type of loan or situation you’re solving. For example, tag your presentation with “First Time Home Buyers” so first-time homebuyers are more easily able to find it.

How do you get started?


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